Google’s Matt Cutts on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

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Google’s Matt Cutts on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Google’s Matt Cutts was in Dublin recently to speak at a Dublin Chamber of Commerce Event and he had a number of interesting things to say about optimising websites.

Matt Cutts - Google

Matt Cutts - Google

For those of you who haven’t heard of Matt Cutts, he is very much the public voice of Google’s search engine team and to get good rankings on Google we all should pay attention to what he says!

The Irish Times (28/05/2019) published some extracts of what Cutts had to say and here are the key points…

Regular publishing of a blog or other information is something he recommends for all businesses.

“The more content you have, the more ways we can find you”

“If you want to get a reputation, start small, expand in your niche”

“If you make your site faster, people will use it more”

Cutts recommended the following to all website owners/operators:

  • Provide useful information or tutorials
  • Publish original research
  • Provide a live blog

Cutts also warned…

“Sites abound on the web selling software and services that guarantee to get a website into Google’s top 10 listings for their favoured search term for as little as €100. In reality they are little more than a scam to get the credit card details of the unsuspecting”

The key message here is that if you want to get your website to rank well on Google then lots of original content is the way to go!