Google+ Explained

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12th August 2011
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18th August 2011
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Google+ Explained

A number of clients have asked us about Google+ so we put together this short reference guide…

Google recently announced the first five features bundled with its new social media product, called Google+. Our initial reactions are that Google+ seems to be a valid competitor to Facebook, as it’s strong on ease of use features and has the ability to share certain things with people in the different areas of your life i.e. personal friends and business acquaintances.

Google+ brings together all of your friends in one place, and lets you designate and organise your contacts into different groups. Google+ will also include some chat and mobile features that are useful when uploading photos etc. Brief descriptions of the first five features that will come with Google+ are listed below.


This is your friend’s hub. Instead of grouping everyone together as your “friend”, you can create different circles for the different types of people in your life. For example, you can have groups for friends, family, business acquaintances, and GAA or soccer team.


An update of the chat room facility. Send a message to your friends that you’re online and ready to chat face to face, and your friends can drop by your “hangout” to video chat with you.


Designate your interests in Sparks, and Google+ will collect articles, videos, and photos of the things you love from around the web to read when you’re free. You can share these items with groups from your circles.

Instant Upload

With Instant Upload, your mobile photos and videos are automatically uploaded to the web.


A group messaging system, Huddle allows you to chat with a number of friends on the go via your mobile phone.

It remains to be seen if Google+ will attract users from Facebook and the requirement to have a Google account to use Google+ will appear to hinder any large scale migration.