14th May 2009

Choosing a Domain Name

Choosing a domain name is important as it will impact on the ability of people to find your website via the search engines. Let’s look at […]
11th May 2009

More Link Building…

Here are some more good links where you can get your website listed. Some of them require registration but it’s well worth doing as getting a […]
6th May 2009

Does your website have a sitemap?

A sitemap is one page or sometimes a set of pages, which lists all, or most of the pages on a web site. There are two […]
23rd April 2009

Link Building II

Here are some more web directories where you can add your website’s URL. While adding your website URL’s to these directories may not generate additional traffic […]
17th April 2009

What is Google Adwords? Do I need it?

When talking with new and existing clients they often ask about Google Adwords. Usually they want to know what it is and should they have it? […]
17th April 2009

Building the Website!

During the construction of a website it is important to have a structured plan so responsibilties are clearly defined and various phases of the project are […]
14th April 2009

So you want a blog?

There are a number of blog options open to both private individuals and companies. 1. Setup a free blog at wordpress.com – This is a good […]
13th April 2009

Advertise your Website URL

We’re constantly surprised at the number of companies who overlook some of the basics when they launch their new website. Advertising their web address and main […]
13th April 2009

Link Building

We’re often asked by clients how can they get more links for their website? At Istech, we don’t advocate link buying, a practice frowned on by […]