Ballilogue Clochán – Website Relaunched!

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19th June 2010
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6th July 2010

Ballilogue Clochán is a creative, cultural innovation hub set in the idyllic rural countryside of south Co. Kilkenny, offering a select range of workshops and lectures in a tranquil artisan, communal setting.

While not originally designed by Istech, Ballilogue Clochán asked us to work with them to revelop their website. So far we’ve added a number of extra web pages, video, photo gallery as well as reoptimising the website for better performance on the search engines.

Ballilogue Clochán - Website Relaunched

Ballilogue Clochán - Website Relaunched

We wish Pat and Ann every success in the future with the Ballilogue Clochán project.